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Hookin’ Up blog review: All the Strange Hours

Like I mentioned in my last post, this July I’m part of a project called Hookin’ Up, where 31 crochet bloggers review each other’s blogs. It’s a way to find new blogs to read and meet like-minded crafters. Tonight, I’m reviewing All the Strange Hours.

All the Strange Hours is a blog by a woman named Joy who has a fabulous looking life. According to her blog, she spends her time traveling all over the world, experiencing local culture and taking photos. Joy has a wide variety of interests beyond traveling, such as reading, music, crafting, writing, food, and meeting new people.

Joy doesn’t have much on her blog, but I know it’s because she’s out experiencing all the world has to offer her. I can’t wait to read more about her adventures in the future.


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I'm a graphic designer, newlywed, and crafter. Don't let me fool you, though. I'm also the clumsiest person you'll ever meet.

3 responses to “Hookin’ Up blog review: All the Strange Hours

  1. Joyce Fischer ⋅

    Corley and other Hook It Up readers,

    Please click on the craft tab on my website. There are a lot of posts about crochet and my projects. I do have a lot of other interests, but I signed up because I wanted to share my interest in crochet and craft with like minded people. I wish this review had focused on that aspect. After all that is the purpose of the Hook It Up project.

    I’m kind of disappointed. This review makes it sound like I’m just an outsider trying to promote my travel blog. I have really enjoyed reading the reviews for other blogs and websites. Most of the reviewers have chosen a blog they liked and done a really good job writing up why they liked that blog or website.

    I am reviewing Abincoe today. I love that website. I took a quick tour of the sites on the list when I signed up and made sure I chose one that really spoke to me. If you haven’t reviewed your website yet, give it another look before you write. Talk about what you like about the blog or site, why you chose it, and also think about what other Hook It Up participants want to know. We are all looking to Hook Up with other like minded people, and these reviews can really help us find them. I have bookmarked several new sites I want to follow now just from reading the reviews and going to the sites!

    Look for my review of Abincoe later today. It will be under the CRAFT tab.

  2. Just a note that if you hit the “craft blog” section of Joy’s website you’ll see where she posts about crochet. I especially enjoyed the recent post on joining geometric shapes!

  3. A word about my blog review:

    First, the blogger’s name is actually Joyce, not Joy. My apologies.

    Second, each time I visited Joyce’s blog in the past few weeks, I was unable to find any entries about crafting. After reading her comment above, I thought that perhaps viewing the blog using chrome as my browser was the problem. Some browsers don’t display websites like they should- a good example is internet explorer. Somehow, all the craft posts now show up, even on chrome. So, my apologies for an “incorrect” but honest review.

    I plan to make all this up to Joyce by re-reviewing the craft section of her blog in the next couple of days. I really do look forward to reading what she has to say, and I’m glad that all the kinks are now worked out with her entries.

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