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Sexy Grandma


I’m later posting than I planned to be. I had every intention of writing early this week about my recent adventures, but I found myself too tired and distracted to even open my computer.

I spent last weekend in Destin for my friend Tasha’s bachelorette party, and I may have partied too hard. I’ve been trying to catch up on my sleep since I got back late Monday night.

We had a blast, though! Woohoo bachelorettes!

Rivers, me, Haley, and Shana all adorable before we go skank it up at Nightown

We went to this club called Nightown, and it was like stepping into Jersey Shore. Seriously, it was insane! We were literally up for 24 hours straight (after leaving home around 5 am and partying until 3:30 the next morning). I spent the entire next day out on the beach recovering and worshiping the beautiful sun and sand.

Not surprisingly, I took my latest crochet project to Florida with me. The girls all had a good laugh when I pulled it out on the beach and started hooking away. They said I looked like a grandma crocheting on the beach in my one-piece swimsuit. Well, I’m one sexy grandma if that’s the case!

I felt a lot like my favorite detective, Miss Marple. (In A Caribbean Mystery she sits under an umbrella and knits, while solving a murder or course.)

Miss Marple

See the resemblance?

Phooey on them. Like the quasi-hipster that I am, I didn’t care at all. I’m young and fun and crafty!

My shopping bag is coming along nicely. It’s taking a while because it’s bigger than anything else I’ve made so far. I also didn’t have much time to work on it last week since I was preparing for my trip. I got so much done on both the ride to Florida and the ride back. And I took it to Trivia Night at Hey Joe’s Wednesday and crocheted while I played.

I have about two more repeats of the shells and v stitches and I’ll be almost done, then the top of the bag and handles. Phew!

I’m so proud of myself on this project. I have now mastered the treble crochet stitch, and my tension is sooo much better than it used to be. Watch out, world. Master crocheter on the loose!

my awesome treble crochet skills in action


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I'm a graphic designer, newlywed, and crafter. Don't let me fool you, though. I'm also the clumsiest person you'll ever meet.

2 responses to “Sexy Grandma

  1. Julie McGregor ⋅

    I love it !!! You keep on crocheting !!! At your age, I was actually making my first child’s clothes…..smocked and French Hand Sewed nearly everything she wore until first grade !!! She just wore tights so she could wear the dresses !! I wish I had been knitting and crocheting then, too, but am glad I have picked it up again, now !! I have been thinking about learning treble crochet….I think it would be easy, just haven’t done it yet. I plan to take my yarn to the beach….whenever I get there ! Working on getting you a photo. My photographer child has had “stuff” to do this week, like sleeping til noon!

  2. Hooray for Miss Marple! I went to a brilliant music festival last year called Standon Calling where they have a fancy dress theme each year and last year’s was Murder on the Standon Express. Lots of us dressed as Miss Marple characters. It was ace.

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