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Provence Summer String Bag

I go through phases with my crafts. I get really into something for a while and stick with it a couple of months before I move on to another interest. Right now I’m into crochet. I took a class at Delta Knits (a great little yarn shop here in Cleveland) and was hooked. Haha!

So I’ve been crocheting since February. In the past few months I’ve proudly finished a handful of projects, including a granny square, beret, cowl scarf, flower headband, and purse. Go me! I’m so glad I took the class, which I recommend to anyone thinking about starting crochet. Abigail was a great teacher. She’s a really awesome person, too. Check out Delta Knits’ website for more info:

My newest project is the Provence Summer String Bag. I’m having so much fun working on this!

I found the pattern (free!) on Ravelry. (Here’s the link: It’s gonna take me a little while to finish, but I’m going to the beach this weekend, so I have a really long car ride and lots of time out by the water to work on it. Maybe I’ll be done in time to use this adorable bag while I’m on vacay!

Here’s how far I’ve gotten since I started Sunday:

This is just the bottom of the bag. I built it with single crochet stitches working in rows. Look how pretty and straight this edge is!

I’m so proud of myself. Not too shabby for a beginner, huh?


About crafty corley

I'm a graphic designer, newlywed, and crafter. Don't let me fool you, though. I'm also the clumsiest person you'll ever meet.

6 responses to “Provence Summer String Bag

  1. Julie McGregor ⋅

    You go girl !! You are doing so well !!!Did you need any help with the red bag ? You are really moving on !! I have been crocheting and knitting and have done a lot of baby hats for the Neonatal Unit …hopefully I will get them to Jackson, soon. I will show you some pictures on FB soon, you might want to do a few, too. They are SO quick and fun to make. They use them to keep preemie’s body temps up. The sky is the limit as to how they look, you can put your own touch to them, using all colors, etc. Also, I am doing a few hats for chemo and head injury patients. Keep posting what you make; I am going to check back on your blog !!! Julie

  2. Julie McGregor ⋅

    The purple is looking great, too !

  3. the clumsy crafter ⋅

    thanks for the support, Julie! I’d love to write about what you’re doing. Will you email me pics of your hats so I can post them? That’s such a great thing to do to help children!

    • Julie McGregor ⋅

      Yes, in fact, you inspired me to possibly do a blog !!! My daughter is here for another week until I move her to Charleston, SC………she is a graphic design/English major and I thought maybe she could set it up for me before she leaves !
      She also has a nicer camera than I do and was waiting til I got a pile of hats ready for a cool photo !!! I have been to many of the websites and they have done some really creative ones. Also, there are tons of different “named” projects for the homeless to the preemies. I will find a few of my favorite and give you the links……may take me a few days. We are tying up loose ends before she leaves.
      I think she has some kind of blog on wordpress that she had to do for class to put her art projects on, so she’d be familiar !

  4. Yay! Welcome to the crochet sorority (and associated brotherhood)! Your bag is excellent.

    It’s cosy in here pull up a chair, grab a hook and yarn and get comfy. There’s loads to learn. Crochet is deceptively simple but you can take it all sorts of places from big chunky textured home decor items to fine silk thread lace shawls. I’m Quincetart on Ravelry so do come over and say hi. I like having crochet friends. : )

  5. the clumsy crafter ⋅

    thanks, quincetart! i read your blog while on vacation last week. love it! i’m glad to make a friend from so far away!

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